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Solar Panel Washing


Dirt and grime can reduce the efficiencies of solar power systems by almost 20%. Routine maintenance soft washing keeps your panels producing all year long.

Solar panels need to be clean to generate power effectively. 

Softwashing is the perfect way to clean them without damaging electrics or roof tiling.

Any man-made or organic residue or film that blocks the transmission of sunlight to photovoltaic solar (or thermal) panels can substantially diminish their performance. Less light means less energy, leading to a lower return on commercial or domestic investment in renewables. Often the offenders are molds, algae, and bacterial atmospheric growths that can be removed by soft washing. While rainwater is thought to keep solar panels as clean as possible, this is not the case. Environmental factors such as salt in seaside locations, dust, and grime from highways and railways can dramatically decrease output. When monitoring their vast power usage, Google proved that regular solar panel cleaning could improve panel performance by 12%.

While it may seem obvious and straightforward to clean the panels yourself, tap water, when used in isolation, is not up to the task since residues and deposits of salt and minerals on the boards are left behind after tap water treatment. Using chemical-free pure water, these deposits can be eliminated. Old fashioned cleaning methods, like high-pressure cleaning, are too violent for the technology and will damage photovoltaic cells and reduce the shelf-life and performance of solar panels.


When cleaning solar panels, we use a clearly defined softwashing process that brings these vital technologies back to their optimum, using pure water.

We use extendable water-fed poles wherever possible and cherry pickers to avoid needing unnecessary access to the roof.

We use localized soft brushes that offer maximum protection for solar panels.

Softwashing will bring your solar panels back to their peak, returning your investment and keeping them performing for as long as the sun shines.

Shadow 80 Pure Water Makers

When solar panels dry with spots, the water is not filtered and leaves behind minerals on the panels. The spots that you are seeing are simply dried mineral buildup.


Our Pure Water Module removes the minerals by filtering them out, resulting in 99% pure water!

Using professional-grade filters, the water is first processed through a 40" Carbon Filter to remove pollutants, metals, microbiological contaminants, and additional minerals. It's then processed through 2 Reverse Osmosis filters making the water 98% pure, followed by a Deionized filter resulting in the water becoming 99.9% Pure!


When this pure water comes in contact with the solar panels, it absorbs the minerals of the panel, allowing the surface to dry spot-free.



Restore your home’s exterior surfaces back to pristine condition with Mountain View Softwash’s surface treatment and cleaning system that gives you dramatic results for your Colorado home. A good cleaning can restore your home’s appearance and make your surfaces look as good as new.



Keeping windows clean and streak-free can be a bit of a hassle.  Mountain View Softwash uses a four-step process to effectively clean the exterior windows of your home, eliminating the use of the traditional hands-on window mop and squidgy. 



Rescue your roof and save money! Your roof may still have years of life left in it; all it needs to be safely restored to its original beauty is soft washing.

Mountain View Softwash can clean, refresh, restore and protect your home's roof.


Get Started in 3 Easy Steps


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Getting a quote should be easy and fast.


Your time is valuable, and waiting for someone to call you back can be frustrating.


Rest assured, our professional staff will contact you immediately to answer all your questions and provide you with a fast, free quote.


Our expert staff will schedule your service.

Once you approve the quote, our team will schedule the service at a convenient time for you.


We will set up your client hub so you can manage your service, review invoices, and make additional requests.


We make the process stress-free so you can relax.  


Sit back and relax, and let us rejuvenate your home or business.

We understand that having workers on your property that are not licensed or insured puts you at significant risk.


That's why we use a 3rd party independent service, Ask The Seal, so you know exactly whom you are hiring. 

Why Softwash vs. Pressure Washing?

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