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My Commitment to Excellence

Updated: May 13, 2022

Mountain View Softwash is more than a business to me. This is a passion that goes up and beyond washing building exteriors. This is about creating something I can be proud of and pass on to my grandchildren.

I guess you can call me a dreamer and a serial entrepreneur. Having come from a long journey through the corporate world, I realized in my early 40s that working for someone else's dream, sitting in a cubicle, was no longer a passion of mine.

Eight long years ago, my first venture into the entrepreneurial space was a video game truck business for kids giving parents a high-tech alternative to the traditional birthday party of bounce houses and pony rides.

For the first time in my life, I felt I had found my true passion. It wasn't so much the game truck as it was building a business from the ground up. I was building something from concept to fruition, and that's when I knew I was on to something beautiful.

Fast forward eight years, and I still take great satisfaction

knowing that G-Factor Gaming is alive and well, bringing joy to both children and parents. The concept was extraordinary and high-tech, and the kids loved it! However, the true magic of the business was the customer service and the entertainment value we provided.

I learned early in life that humans will always be intrigued by new shiny objects, but when the lack of service overshadows the shine, the shiny object quickly diminishes.

As time passed, my concept caught the attention of competitors. Within a year of launching my game truck business, Others saw what I saw and attempted to duplicate what I had tapped into, flooding the market with five new game truck companies. Each one brought a new spin and variation to my business, attempting to slice into my created pie. Initially, I felt threatened by this competition; But I had a secret weapon.

Having invested time and money into building this fantastic modern shiny high-tech object, I invested even more time and effort into my clientele. Something all of my competitors failed to tap into. Initially, the competition was able to carve out a slice of my pie with their interpretation of my business. However, it wasn't about the equipment or how cool and shiny their game truck was. This business was about entertainment and customer satisfaction.


Four years after my initial launch, the competition had eliminated itself from the marketplace. With their lack of understanding that customer service and satisfaction were the keys to this business, they found themselves out of business, and once again, and to this day, my game truck company is the only game in town.

Pun intended.

From the time the game truck pulled up to the customer's curb until it left, the customer's happiness was the priority. My competition was chasing the money and fell short on the customer service. Eventually, people gravitate back to my company, seeking what they initially hired us for. To entertain their kids and provide a moment of happiness on their special day!

Providing a high level of customer service has become my biggest passion which brings me to Mountain View Softwash. My main priority for Mountain View Softwash will always be the customers and their satisfaction.


The high-quality tech and unique shiny equipment will make our jobs more manageable, but the level of service will never change. My commitment is to provide my clients with a safer alternative to pressure washing back by a high level of customer service and satisfaction. From the time we pull our truck up to your curb to the time we leave, we are committed to doing the very thing you hired us to do.

Mountain View Softwash is committed to providing the best exterior cleaning services utilizing our state-of-the-art softwashing equipment paired with a high level of customer service and satisfaction.

I will personally guarantee your happiness with our services. If at any moment you are not happy with the service provided, I will work diligently to ensure your complete satisfaction or your money back.

That's my commitment to you!

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