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6 Ways to Beautify Your Lawn - And Show It Off

Maybe you’ve just moved into a new home, and you’re so excited to have a large outdoor space for all kinds of activities. Or perhaps you’ve lived in the same home for a long time, but you’re ready to focus on some new lawn care and landscaping projects. If you’re ready to make sure that your home stands out on your block, you can hire Mountain View Softwash for exterior Softwashing. Plus, here’s how to cultivate a lawn that will impress your neighbors and invite your loved ones over to truly enjoy your yard.


Wash Your Home’s Exterior


If your home’s exterior looks lackluster, your lawn won’t necessarily look its best, either. To create more curb appeal and ensure that your entire yard space looks top-notch, you’ll want to wash your home’s exterior before focusing on lawn care. You can hire the experts at Mountain View Softwash to handle this task!


Handle Basic Lawn Care


This might be the first time that you’ve had to maintain a lawn of your own. It’s a good idea to brush up on basic lawn care techniques. This Old House recommends tuning up your lawn mower, raking your lawn on a regular basis, testing your soil to check the pH level, and mowing when your grass is high. If it’s spring, you can overseed your lawn to spur more growth.


Plant Flower Beds


Want to bring a bit more color to your lawn? Consider building flower beds around the perimeter of your home. You can also put flower boxes in your windows! A pop of color can brighten up your entire yard space. You don’t have to start plants from seed - instead, you can pick up flower bushes from a local garden center and plant them.


Consider Xeriscaping


You might be unfamiliar with the concept of xeriscaping - but learning about this localized approach to landscaping could completely change the way you tend to your lawn. Birds & Bloom states that xeriscaping is all about planting hardy, “water-wise” plants that can survive droughts with minimal watering. If you live in a dry region, consider xeriscaping your lawn to save money on your water bill and bring your yard into harmony with your local environment. Hiring a local landscaper can be a smart choice for big xeriscaping projects.


Throw a Backyard Party


Once you’ve spruced up your lawn, and you’re ready to reveal the fruits of your labor, it’s time to invite your friends and family over for a big backyard party! Rather than simply texting your social circle and asking them to come over, why not design and send out formal invitations with photos of your lawn? Check this out - you can use a free online tool to create your custom invitations. After selecting a premade invitation template you like, you can simply personalize it with the fonts, images, and graphics you like.


Take Real Estate Photos


Are you planning to sell your home soon? Make sure to take some great photos of your lawn to add to your listing! You could hire a professional real estate photographer, or save money bytaking the photos yourself. Choose a day with great lighting so that your lawn will look inviting on camera.


Lawn care is relatively simple, but you need to commit to keeping up with it. By focusing on consistent lawn care and growing native plants, you can create an outdoor oasis where you and your loved ones will want to spend all of your time. With these tips, you’ll be ready to wash your home’s exterior, experiment with xeriscaping, and create an invitation to invite your friends over to make the most of your lawn.


Do you need to clean your home’s exterior? Turn to Mountain View Softwash! Call us today at 970-400-1342 to learn more about our services.

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